Lou Nimmo



I am not gonna go on about it for too long, but we must take a moment to indulge in Amber’s vagina. I am not going to lie, a massive pang of ‘Ha ha shame you fool!’ went out to Wiz when I saw her fist deep across twitter and numerous Hip Hop blogs. But that was closely followed by the over whelming urge to private message them both and confess my unwavering love for them (again) would they be interested in recruiting me as their third wheel?

Funnily enough (seeing as this isn’t the first time I have behaved in this way) I think I have been blocked from both accounts. But hey ho, I respect her public apology and I respect him standing by her. And with this public display of affection from them both, the attraction grows and the obsession start to creep more slightly out of control. But I still have faith that one day I will wake between his skinny arm and her thick thigh to them cooing ‘Good morning little Rose Bud’.


Idris Elba, you 6’2” bulk of of fucking sex.

With rumours that Fleetwood Mac are starting another world wide tour ( forgive the pun) and that I fucking heart them and their emotionally destructive, cocaine fulled rock ‘n’ roll ways. I think it fair to pay tribute to them.  


Massive Attack - Paradise Circus ( breen remix )

Marek Hemmann - Gemini

Marek Hemmann - Junoka EP.